Thursday, December 11, 2014

Spotted: Phuket Old Town

Last time I came to Phuket was 5 years ago. It's clearly Phuket has been upgraded! The old town is filled with vibrant colours. There're plenty of local houses, restaurants, clothing stores, herb shops, coffee shops, boutique guesthouses, and bars. You could find pretty much everything here. 
Phuket is famous for its beaches but this time my friends and I came here just to explore the old town and experience some tasty local food. Then heading to Tachai Island in Pangna where we spent most of our time on the white sand beach and swim in the sea. I'll be blogging about Tachai Island on my next post. Keep an eyes for it!
My outfit matches graphic on the wall!  

 My friends and I were walking along the street and we found this Juice bar called "Juice Raw" which looks interesting and healthy. So we just popped in for a drink to freshen up a bit. The owner was very friendly and helpful. We ended up chilling and taking a photo here almost an hour since the atmosphere is great. It decorated with vibrant retro-style furniture. Every corners of this place looks really cool and lively. Definitely worth taking a picture!  
There're variety of fresh healthy drinks like fruit smoothies, juices, tea. Other menu includes home made ice-cream, sandwiches and more.
Fruit Raw Address: Yaowarat Road, Old Town, Phuket
Operating hours: 10.00 a.m. - 9.00 p.m. (Open Daily)
This Traditional Phuket dessert called "Ah Pong" or in Thai "อา โป๊ง". It's more like a crepe very thin and crispy but the middle part is soft and sweet! I have to say sorry as I don't remember the name of the vendor but it's located in the alley right next to "Juice Raw". Also, we heard from "Juice Raw" owner that this particular vendor make the best "Ah Pong" in Phuket. So during the high seasons many people will line up to buy Ah Pong and they would have to wait for hours.

Before we leave Phuket for Pangna. We would like to end the day with the best meal since we have been walking around the old town all day long. It was extremely sunny and we're all tired. So we went to this restaurant called "Rayaa" which we found information about it online and there're many great reviews. After we have tried this. There's one word to describe "Amazing".
If you want to taste an authentic southern Thai dishes, you must try "Rayaa" a very famous Thai restaurant among local and tourists. Everything we ordered was extremely yummy! When you taste the food you can tell that they use only fresh and high-quality ingredients. Will definitely come back again next time!  

Rayaa Address: Dibuk Road, Old Town, Phuket (You will see a Big Signage in Thai "ระย้า" )


Friday, December 5, 2014

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

Hi guys! Hope all is well. I just want to show you guys this is amazing infographic of one of the legendary and talented fashion designer Alexander McQueen's most unforgettable shows, that have been portrayed in this beautiful illustrations created by global luxury fashion site FARFETCH .
Alexander McQueen Savage beauty will be the first biggest exhibition in Europe that will showcase his work. The exhibition will run from 14 March through 19 July 2015. Head to V&A for more booking information. 

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014


We need more of this type of event in Thailand! SC Asset and Dont Journal have putted together this awesome "SLOWFEST". Market/Art/Food/Music 4 words that explain everything. SLOWFEST encourages people to find the balance in life. Slow things down and enjoy every moment. We are now living in the digital world where everybody communicate and connect through internet. We often get carried away by speed of technology that shape our global society. It's not a secret, I am fascinated by technology that help people connected better and that's one of the main reasons I started blogging. The world is moving and changing fast. Sometimes I find it's hard to keep up! Don't you?

Gandhi once said "there are more to life than increasing its speed". Give life a little break and pay attention to every little things in life, in other words focusing more on the quality of life which I personally believe it is something very essential and help anyone understand the world better which would lead to a healthy living and greater appreciation of life.

I was forced to take a break from blogging since my laptop broke. Guess it's a sign to really give myself a short break. Yes, I was trying to be positive about it. As a result, I didn't blog for almost 2 weeks. I am not gonna lie, it's difficult for me to stop thinking about blogging completely and feel guilty for considering taking a break. But once I overcome the frustration, let loose, allow myself to relax and just focus on pleasure. My mind just flow free and I feel healthier from the inside out....the ultimate feeling of joy!

 Now. Let's talk about this SLOWFEST market. I was quite impressed how it turned out to be such a great community event. To be frank, I did't expect much out of it. The market was huge and there're multiple pop-up stores with many different things to buy and interesting activities to participate. From crafted products, fashion & clothing, food & beverages, postcard painting to bottle gardening, something for everyone. It's good to see many Bangkokians come out and enjoy something really cool that we don't often get a chance to experience in Thailand. So thanks to whoever made this happen! Here're some pictures I took from SLOWFEST 2014 at Airport link, Makkasan, Bangkok.

Outfit Details:
Printed Top: Zara
Shoes: Topshop

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